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Bitcoin No Boundaries II: Innovation Is Here and Now

Thanks so much to the over 100 people who packed Latham and Watkins tonight for our second Bitcoin: No Boundaries event!

The topic of the evening was “Innovation in Bitcoin.” I think everyone would agree after viewing the demos and listening to the panel — the innovation is going on right here & right now, and a lot of it is happening in New York. It is entrepreneurs like the presenters tonight from Blade, OneName, Monegraph, Fairlay, and Storj that make us so excited to be involved in the bitcoin space — educating clients about the innovation via our proprietary bitcoin research center and investing in the digital currency directly via our integration with Coinbase.

Hedgeable Bitcoin No Boundaries Innovation Event

Special thanks to John Biggs from Techcrunch for coming out and moderating the end panel and to The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Casey, Union Square Ventures’ Joel Monegro, and Bitcoin Investment Trust’s Michael Sonnenshein for participating. The panel and the demos were awesome!!!

Hedgeable Bitcoin No Boundaries Innovation Event

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