Hedgeable offers an industry leading Managed Account program focused on risk management.

About Hedgeable

What is Hedgeable? We are a national, independent Asset Management firm focused on risk management. We never earn commissions from clients or third parties, are 100% independently owned and operated, and have no conflicts of interest. We have disrupted the investing industry with our low cost, risk managed, technology enhanced Managed Account Program.

The meaning of our name is simple: we believe every American can have their account(s) hedged and protected from the life changing losses experienced by millions during the financial crisis. At Hedgeable, even the smallest retirement investors can get an institutional quality, risk managed account. Hedgeable's goal is to be the most transformative Asset Management firm of the 21st Century.

Industry Leading Managed Accounts

Industry Leading Managed Account Program

Our Managed Account platform has revolutionized the Asset Management industry with our simple online signup and account creation, industry low fees and account minimums, advanced technology, robust proprietary investing solutions, and our dedication to risk management. By focusing on mitigating account losses, we attempt to grow accounts through all market cycles. Previously this kind of management was only available to the ultra-wealthy. Our platform has two solutions, separated by the level of risk management you are looking for.

Our Solutions

Retirement Free: $5k minimum investment

Retirement Plus: $50k minimum investment

Long-Term Account Growth

With today's volatile and uncertain markets you cannot simply bet that you can buy a few ETFs, sit back, and watch your money grow. A year like 2008 could wipe out decades of account growth. Hedgeable has dozens of proprietary investment technology systems that help us manage money in today's markets. You can read more about how we manage your accounts and view live performance statistics and growth charts on our investing page. This might sound trivial, but try getting performance history at Schwab, Fidelity, or other national Managed Account providers. You might be on the phone for a while.

We don't have to hide things from clients, because we are proud of our solution to a problem that cost retirement investors $1.6 Trillion during the Financial Crisis. It is our company's mission to change the status quo.

Easy Online Account Opening & Transfers

Easy Online Account Opening & Transfers

All Hedgeable accounts are setup directly through our interactive online interface. We accept nearly every type of account including Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Rollover IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, Taxable-Individual, Joint, Rev Trust, and FLP. If you have existing tax-deferred or taxable accounts at other firms, you can easily transfer part or all of them with one click. We support transfers from dozens of firms. Rollovers from a 401(k) or 403(b) plan to an IRA can be done as well.

If you are opening a new Taxable-Individual, Joint, Rev Trust, FLP, or Business account, you can fund via ACH directly on our interface. Because of the diversity of our Program, we can manage all of your assets. In fact, the majority of Hedgeable clients have more than one account with us. More accounts = a lower total fee and more piece of mind.

Next Generation Asset Management

Once you fund your account(s) you will be given access to the Hedgeable online client platform. On our platform you receive proprietary live analytics, live reporting, and live one click support. The platform is desktop, tablet, and mobile enabled. All Hedgeable Managed Accounts are 100% liquid and held in your name. All accounts are FDIC and SIPC insured. You can request an addition, including recurring IRA contributions, directly through the online client platform.

Hedgeable's commitment to technology doesn't end with our client facing platform. We have hundreds of technology systems that we use internally everyday. We leverage this technology to provide the best investing products on the market at industry low prices.

Next Generation Asset Management

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